Young Singer-Songwriter Writes Song for Charity

Noah Benardout benefiting Fender Music Foundation

The Fender Music Foundation to Raise Funds from Sale of Noah Benardout Song “We Battle”

Agoura Hills, Calif. (February 19, 2012) — Noah Benardout, up and coming singer-songwriter, has been working with The Fender Music Foundation for the promotion of music education and we are pleased to announce that he has recently released “We Battle”, a song written specifically for The Fender Music Foundation, a nonprofit charity dedicated to providing instruments to music education programs across the country.

Granting the foundation sales rights and profits as well as usage rights of the song for its first 2 years of release, Noah has shown his generosity and dedication to music education: “You know, I’m still a teenager and merely having access to music and music education has changed my life. I think music is an essential part of growing up and helping others find what I have found in music is something I believe to be truly important”.

Talented and kind hearted, Noah Benardout is a pop-indie singer-songwriter that we can expect to hear more about in the coming spring. At the age of 16 he has already released an EP, What Will Be Will Be, as well as performed across the country with celebrities such as Slash. With influences such as Coldplay, Doves, U2, and Radiohead, Noah Benardout offers serene yet catchy songs reminiscent of pop and rock culture. His wide vocal range and simple accompaniment allows for the beautiful melodies and elaborate harmonies that have won him international appraisal. Hits such as “Haley” offer a view into his original and soulful style.

When asked about the meaning of the song “We Battle”, Noah was quite clear: “Whatever cause we chose to support or whatever obstacles we are faced with, whether it is social injustice, or environmental disasters, we must be willing to fight, we must be prepared and we must battle.”

“We Battle” is currently available on iTunes and sales directly benefit music education through The Fender Music Foundation.

“We Battle”

We battle for life
We battle for love
But the spark in their eyes
Is all that I’m thinking of
Our hearts are playing a beat
A serenade through the streets
And it’s all that they need
One day they’ll all have loved
So hold out your hands
And make your demands I’ll stand and I’ll sing
I’ll do anything
To spread the news for you
More than a rule
Spreading to schools
They’re longing to play
That’s what we know today
And if they’re far apart
Let’s go straight to the heart
If they think we forgot
We’ll show them a better way
So hold out your hands
And make your demands
I’ll stand and I’ll sing
I’ll do anything
To spread the news for you If you play, call out now
If you sing, sing out loud
If you need, raise a hand
We are here, we understand

Music and Lyrics by Noah Benardout Copyright © 2011