FMF Surprised Ventura County Schools with Guitars

The Fender Music Foundation (FMF) donated 27 guitars to three schools in Ventura County that participate in Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) training. The presentation took place at The Camarillo Academy of Progressive Education (CAPE) on Wednesday, May 23, and was attended by teachers from CAPE, from the Meadows Arts and Technology Elementary School (MATES) and from EARTHS Magnet School.

“GITC is ecstatic that The Fender Music Foundation and their donor wish to boost musicality, learning and creativity in the local schools. Through the teachers who’ve dedicated time and energy to learn to lead songs in their classrooms, these guitars will reach over 2,000 students each year and every year in the future, “ says Jessica Baron, GITC’s Founder and Executive Director. Before the donation took place, the teachers participated in a GITC class, then enjoyed a live performance by Moi, an up-and-coming voice in indie rock music whose music is gaining national acclaim. At the conclusion of the performance, FMF’s Executive Director, Moriah Scoble, awarded the guitars to the teachers on behalf of their schools. This gift was made possible by an avid music lover in memory of John N. and Norma Teeple.  He asked that his donation be used to benefit a music program in Ventura County, so FMF, based in Agoura Hills, Calif., reached out to GITC, also a national organization based in Southern California. “Many of our grants go to programs outside the Los Angeles area,” adds Ms. Scoble. “It was exciting for me to not only see the looks on these teachers’ faces when we gave them the guitars… but also to meet these exceptional teachers who are going out of their way for the betterment of their students and the integration of the arts in their schools.”