Def Leppard Memorabilia on eBay

Def Leppard signed guitarDef Leppard has teamed up with The Fender Music Foundation to offer ultimate memorabilia items to be sold to support music education. The three items that are for auction on eBay from September 22 to October 2, 2012 are as follows:

      • A limited edition framed Def Leppard print that has been autographed by each of the band’s 5 members during the 2012 Rock of Ages tour. These prints were created by VIPNation and were given only to their VIP guests during the 2012 Rock of Ages tour. Only 4,000 were printed and each one is individually hand-numbered.  This one was autographed just for this auction. This framed print comes with a limited edition Def Leppard Rock of Ages tour bag. This exclusive item was not sold to the public- they were also given only to VIPNation’s VIP guests of the 2012 Rock of Ages tour.
      • A black Jackson JS22R Dinky electric guitar autographed by all 5 members of Def Leppard in Chicago during the Rock of Ages tour. As an extra bonus Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen even drew his famous StickRik figure along with his autograph.
      • Def Leppard posterA used drumstick that was autographed by Rick Allen of Def Leppard during the 2012 Rock of Ages Tour. This is a rare item from Rick Allen!  As many of you know, unlike many drummers, Rick usually doesn’t toss them to the audience after a show!  It is not easy to get your hands on one of these sticks. Also included are a limited edition Rock of Ages T-Shirt (Size Medium), and a bumper sticker that was donated by Rick Allen’s — where sales go to help support his Raven Drum Foundation. The T-Shirt was created by VIPNation and was only given to VIP guests of the Rock of Ages tour. It was NOT offered for sale to the public.

All proceeds of the auction will benefit The Fender Music Foundation.