2012 Video Campaign Winners

The Ready Set Video

The Ready Set participated in the 2012 video campaign in support of music education.

The Fender Music Foundation’s “Give Music Life” 2012 Video Campaign has successfully come to an end. We cannot thank our artists enough for their time, effort and donations. Together, The Ready Set, Breathe Carolina, A Rocket To The Moon, The Early November, Hello Goodbye, The Summer Set, Anarbor, and The Downtown Fiction helped to raise awareness about The Fender Music Foundation and worked to save music in our communities.

Breathe Carolina Video

Breathe Carolina

Kids around the U.S. were invited to “give music life” by posting what they believe a world without music would be like. We received amazing responses that were heartfelt and sincere, and — I think we can all agree — music is a universal language, and it plays a major role in all of our lives.

The artists who join FMF to participate in this campaign not only produced videos, they also contributed the following prizes to encourage public awareness in the campaign and the importance of music education:

The Summer Set Video

The Summer Set

• Tickets to All American Rejects/Boys Like Girls/The Ready Set Fall 2012 Tour
• Signed Breathe Carolina  Album Poster
• Tickets to All Time Low/The Summer Set “The Rock Show At The End Of The World” Fall 2012 Tour
• Tickets to A Rocket To The Moon/Never Shout Never “Time Travel” Fall 2012 Tour
• Signed Anarbor *Used* Drum Head & Two Tickets to Never Shout Never “Time Travel” Fall 2012 Tour
• Signed Hello Goodbye Artist Poster/Album
• Two tickets to The Early November Fall 2012 Tour

The Fender Music Foundation is proud to announce the following individuals as the eight winners of the “Give Music Life” 2012 Campaign:

• Syahira M Syarifuddin
• Ashley Ellis
• Alvina Song
• Tatiana Ellen Hornof
• Shannon Hunt
• Melissa Lo Brutoo
• Kat Awestruck
• Marcella Migneco

Each of these winners will be contacted with a comment on Facebook. Please read a few of their winning submissions:

“A world without music is like a rainbow without the colors. It could also be like a wood without the trees. Or a bike without the wheels. None of this things would have made any sense. Since I was a kid music has meant a lot to me. I can’t take a day without music. I began to love singing since I was a little kid in kindergarten. And this year I’m going to High School and yes, I still do love singing. I also love playing guitar and I really wanna learn how to play piano. What I really mean is, I listen to music every day. I even make music myself just for fun. I walk to school alone, but with music, I don’t feel so alone anymore. There’s not a day without music in my life. Even if I don’t have music on my Ipod or on my phone, or MP3 player. There’s still a music player in my head. And then I sing for myself. A world without music would be sadness. Music is a way you can express your feelings in a beautiful way. Music can make you happy, sad, and it can even touch your heart. It touches my heart. I don’t know one person on this world that don’t listen to music every single day. If there ever would be a day where music suddenly disappeared I would cry until it came back again.”
- Syahira M Syarifuddin


“Music, in all it’s forms, is the thread that binds us all together. It can connect people of totally different lifestyles, backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and age. Whether its a beautiful classical piano sonata or it’s a head banging, loud, rock and roll song someone is being spoken to by it. Music is the tool that can be used for anything. For instance music is used sometimes to cheer someone up after heart break or a rough patch in life, it can be used to remember someone or a period of your life, it is used at celebrations and funerals and usually sets your mood for these things, music is used at sporting events to pump up the crowd and players, it can be soothing and a stress reliever by either playing or listening to it. Music can make you happy, sad, angry, aware, calm, excited, loving and reminiscent among a lot of other feelings. It is a form of art for the ears and mind written to express the writers feelings that so many of us can relate to, no matter who is singing or listening to it. If there was never any music this world would be a completely different place! Music can be someone’s best friend. I know when I was younger I felt it was, when there’s nobody else to talk to, no one else that understands you and you seriously feel like you’re alone, you turn on your favorite album and you feel fine. The music fills your mind and nothing else matters, that’s when you feel good about yourself and that’s when it fees like at least something will always be there for you. If there was life without music, I know for me, it would be a very hard life to get through!”
- Ashley Ellis


“A world without music the world would be terrible. People who can’t express themselves well wouldn’t have anywhere to turn to. People who think they are alone wouldn’t have anything to listen to. People who don’t talk much wouldn’t have a voice to stick up for them. A world without music life would be boring. A world without music people would lose hope so easily. Music is the voice for everyone who wants to listen and believe in it. People listen to music because they like who it sounds or it makes them feel better. Music is universal. Music is freedom. Music keeps people holding on. Music gives people strength. The voice of music keeps the world connected. Even though there are different languages music is the one thing we all have in common. People who don’t speak the language of the song it doesn’t matter to them. All that matters is it a song and they just like the way it sounds. Music is a powerful thing. Music can heal people. People will listen to the voice of music more than the voice of their parents. Music doesn’t judge anyone its just music. Music can help you makes friend. You can go to a concert not even know anyone or not even be from you neighborhood, but you can become friends so easily because of music. It doesn’t matter if you were a fan from the beginning or just became a fan. A fan is a fan. All that matters is you’re just at the concert supporting you favorite artist that you all love. Music has many different emotions and can move people. Music can make you feel a certain way. Music can sometimes be so powerful it can give you chills. Music can make you happy. Music just helps you feel like you belong in this world. You can never take music away. It’s part of life. Some people who go through tough times will listen to music. It’s an outlet or coping method for the person.”
- Alvina Song