Download Music to Help Charity

Music That Gives Back

When visitors purchase music through the links on our website, 20% of their purchase will be donated back to The Fender Music Foundation.

“Music That Gives Back” is a new way to buy music and support a great cause at the same time! Our foundation enriches lives through music by donating hundreds of instruments to programs across the country. Now through Music That Gives Back, we are able to give our supporters access to online music every day that supports a great cause! Tune a Fish Records has come together with our foundation to give you with this chance. It is easy — and a great way to show your support!

It is very simple to get started! There are three ways to do this:
1. On this page: Click on the graphic on this page and it will take you directly to our page on Tune a Fish Records. On that site there will be step-by-step instructions on how to buy and download music, while supporting the foundation at the same time!

2. Throughout our website: Next to our artists’ names will be this symbol  and it will take you directly to our Tune a Fish page!

3. Throughout our website: Click on the artists’ actual name and it will direct you to the artists’ page on Tune a Fish. There you can browse through the music selection Tune a Fish has for the artist and choose which songs you would like to download. When you place your order, just be sure to select the Fender Music Foundation as the benefiting charity!

Thank you for your donations and support!