Danny Seraphine and His All-Star Band Revitalize the Jazz/Rock Genre and Support FMF

CTA 2012

Original drummer and co-founder of the legendary band, Chicago is revitalizing the sophisticated sounds of the jazz/rock genre. Danny Seraphine and his all-star band CTA, in conjunction with The Fender Music Foundation, have launched their crowd funding campaign in order to finance the completion of their album and tour entitled, “Promise.”  Their goal with this project is to revitalize the jazz/rock genre, which has largely been neglected in today’s mainstream pop music.

Seraphine and his CTA band mates truly understand that learning to play musical instruments can saves lives, and that’s why they are partnering up with The Fender Music Foundation.

“We’re hoping that exposing today’s youth to quality jazz/rock music will help to inspire them with a sense of hope and freedom to dream big,” said Seraphine.

CTA will be donating 10-percent of the album’s net profits to help The Fender Music Foundation provide instruments to school music classrooms, after-school programs and music therapy programs. CTA is humbly asking for any financial support that will help this national organization to move forward with their goals, and to help them give back to the next generation of musicians and music lovers.

CTA has come up with some enticing incentives and rewards for your commitment to this project. To participate in the campaign, please visit their donation page at: http://ctapromise.wordpress.com.