The Memphis Recovery Center Puts Donated Guitars to Great Use!

Check out what the Memphis Recovery Centers’ have said about our recently donated guitars to their recovery programs!

Dear Fender Music Foundation,

On behalf of MRC, I would like to thank the Fender Music Foundation for the donation of 8 guitars for our Music Therapy Program.  Since receiving the guitars, MRC has served 27 clients in our two youth programs, and 20 men and women in our Adult Program. The greatest impact can be seen in several of our teens in the youth program, who are working diligently with our Music Director to learn to play guitar.  They even played them in our holiday program!

We recognize that there are so many worthwhile non-profit organizations who ask for your help, so we are truly honored that you find us worthy of this award.  Again, please accept our sincerest appreciation for this generous gift.

I have attached photos of the guitars in use, along with a testimonial.

Please understand, due to the confidentiality laws involved in the services we provide, their faces cannot be directly shown.


Judy Goldberg, Development Director, Memphis Recovery Centers

A testimonial from one of the teens at MRC sharing their personal experience with us:

“Growing up, I can remember as a young child having a great passion for music. I was enver the child who watched TV whatsoever, you’d always see me with the radio singing, playing with different instruments, anything that had to do with music. I started doing drugs at 11 years old, I was still involved in my interest of music. I had always wanted to play guitar and begged begged for one. When I finally go one I never picked it up but a few times. I was too busy out and about doing drugs and leading my life downhill. I lost the meaning of music and my passion for it in a matter of short time.  I was getting locked up and I watched life pass me by. I got taken from my family and by God’s grace was put here at MRC. I’ve been like a child learning to walk again. Arriving here I’ve found what I love again. Music here has opened doors in my heart of emotion, it’s amazing how much change has come. I’m learning to play guitar today from an amazing lady named Dana here at MRC. I’m provided with a beautiful guitar, learning to do what makes me who I am. I’m amazed I can actually start something and continue it. I’ve never been able to do anything with the chaos I caused myself. I’m finding my freedom within an instrument, this is only the beginning for me and I can’t wait for what there is to become of me.  I’m just absolutely grateful for such a beautiful guitar to learn with and the blessing of music. Learning has come very easy so far, I hope to pursue my passion further and I remind myself I would have never had this opportunity without MRC, Ms. Dana, and these stunning guitars. Thank God for Fender and some MRC!”


Kristen L.