Can Technology and Music Transform Education in NYC Schools?

This month the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) and the social media music service Spotify will sponsor the first ever NYC Music Education Hackathon, an event designed to bring together educators, engineers, industry professionals and innovators to tackle some of the critical issues facing contemporary public music education. Between June 28th and 29th teams of engineer “hackers” will descend upon Manhattan in a contest-style event to create solutions which blend technology and music education. Participants will have access to the knowledge of experienced teachers in order to bring an authentic educator voice to their projects.

“Spotify is partnering with the NYC Department of Education to unlock the creative power of technology to address crucial music educational challenges,” says Kerry Steib, Director of Social Responsibility at Spotify. Although research into the effects music education have demonstrated positive benefits to both social and cognitive outcomes, at a time when many schools are cutting programs to offset budget shortfalls some question its value in an increasingly technological world. InnovateNYC Schools is a project of the NYCDOE which seeks to connect developers and educators in bringing technology solutions to the public schools of New York City. Recognizing the value of music education, they have orchestrated this event in partnership with Spotify to bring their mission of incorporating technology to the support of music education.

At the close of the event, projects will be reviewed by a mixed team of educators and industry professionals, prizes will be awarded, and all those involved will celebrate the weekend of work done in supporting music education with a Spotify session with the band St. Lucia.

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