Give Music Life Newsletter: July Digest

A monthly newsletter to keep you in key with the Fender Music Foundation.

Buzzworthy Events

Foundation to receive five percent of James Brown book sales

Daryl Brown, son of music legend James Brown, has written a book “Inside the Godfather“, a biography about the “Godfather of Soul”. The book was released on August 1 to coincide with the premier of the Mick Jagger produced movie “Get On Up”, a James Brown biopic that is receiving rave reviews. Buy your copy today to get a more in-depth view into the life of James Brown: available on Amazon for $15.26 plus $3.95 for shipping and handling, $16.10 plus $3.95 for shipping and handling, $8.95  for the Kindle edition, and through Barnes & Noble for $17.05 plus $3.99 shipping and handling. Waldorf Publishing is promoting ”Inside the Godfather” with a national book tour and Daryl has generously agreed to give 5% of the sales to the Foundation, so we may continue in our mission to GIVE MUSIC LIFE!

Foundation fundraiser features Gipsy Kings & Córdoba guitar

The Foundation and CharityBuzz are hosting a fundraiser which features a "meet and greet" with the Gipsy Kings.

For the Gipsy Kings 25th Anniversary concert at the Greek Theater on August 30th, 2014, enjoy 2 VIP concert tickets, a backstage meet & greet with the band, (Hurry, auction ends on August 14) and an autographed Cordoba Pro-R guitar signed and presented to you during your meet & greet. READ MORE

Twilight Saga star supports FMF crowdfunding campaign via social media

Nikki Reed of Twilight Saga fame has put her considerable “social media” weight behind the “Give Music Life to 10,000 People” crowdfunding campaign to raise $10,000 for 200 guitars, with each instrument on average benefiting 50 people. Thanks Nikki!

Grantee News

Rootz of Music: Helping Bridge Gap Between Performance and Theory

A few years ago, a music man from Jamaica noticed musicians he performed with, although talented, often were not well versed in music theory. He wondered how to bridge the gap between musical performers and music education; he envisioned helping children deepen their relationship with music they loved by teaching them the historical aspects and origins of modern music. READ MORE


 CoachArt instructor tutors the child with a ukulele [model?].

CoachArt delivers music lessons with help from the Foundation

We all enjoy music for one reason or another but do we actually think about how music  may heal? For some of us it’s just something to enjoy while at work, and for others it’s a temporary antidote for a life of day-to-day illness and pain. READ MORE

Music Matters

Fan of the Foundation inks her support

For some music matters to them more than most. And for Facebook user Crystal Edgell Hawn, the Foundation’s commitment to supporting music education and therapy programs meant so much, she decided to have a tattoo of our slogan adorn her arm. Now that’s dedication and we feel inspired!

New Team Members

Boneth Ahaneku
Summer intern Boneth Ahaneku wanted to combine her desire in understanding the human mind and her love of music. Majoring in Neuroscience and having a preference for Grunge Rock, Boneth sought out internships that would marry the two interests. As happenstance would have it, she stumbled upon the Fender Music Foundation website. “It seemed like the perfect opportunity,” she says. Boneth’s passion for the mind and that of music will help the Foundation and its pursuit to assist music therapy programs.


Foundation Highlights

  • We have increased our Facebook Likes to nearly 30,000 followers, and now expanding posts on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. This significant growth is the result of the hard work of our staff and interns sharing meaningful posts about the Foundation and the industry.
  • Foundation has a new partner “Royalty Exchange” which has agreed to donate a portion of company proceeds along with significant fee reduction for royalty rights donated to the Foundation.
  • A collaborative crowdfunding event involving the Foundation, Steve Perry, and The City of Hope is in its final stages of development.
  • The Foundation is completing the details for a crowdfunding event with Reggie Calloway.
  • Ray Parker Jr. and the Foundation are working on a collaborative crowdfunding event, which is in its final developmental stage.
  • The Foundation and Mexican rock band Mana are planning a collaborative crowdfunding event and it’s near final development.