Give Music Life Newsletter: October 2014

  New York is getting ready to ROCK4 you!

The ROCK4 benefit series is joining the Fender Music Foundation in a fundraising benefit at the world-famous Cutting Room in New York on Sunday, November 23rd. Founder Eric Seader says his passion for music is why he wants to reach out and help others enjoy what he gets from song. “ROCK4 started about a month ago – born out of the ideology that music has the power to touch, move, and inspire all corners of the earth. But to act globally, we must first start locally,” he says.

Performances by six unsigned local acts will include Eric Jay, PATH P, Jolie Laide, Rorie Kelly, Joan Mercury & Bailey Poteat, and Gotham Rock Choir. The event will also feature renowned visual artist and composer, Mark Kostabi, and Pete Francis (of indie mega group DISPATCH) and his band will be headlining. Eric says the evening will include various raffle prizes and a silent auction.
     Music Soothes the Soul
“Music unlocked the keys of what’s possible and what I can dream.”

– Gene Simmons of KISS

This statement captures why music matters and why the Foundation works tirelessly to put instruments into the hands of students in schools across the nation. The Foundation is excited to announce the upcoming release of a unique book to be published by Waldorf Publishing in April, 2015.  At age 17, author Matthew Bernstein is writing a book titled “Music Soothes the Soul” which features engaging stories from eighty musicians, artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs who show how and why music can positively impact our lives. These personal narratives demonstrate that music really is a universal language.

“Music Soothes the Soul” covers a lot of ground, from world famous celebrities to those who work behind the scenes. Superstar Gene Simmons learned to speak English by listening to rock music, while LiV Warfield, Prince’s muse, discovered her voice singing karaoke. This book details how music has inspired each of these artists and many more.   All proceeds from book sales will go to the Foundation to help support music education and therapy programs. Matthew has been a staff writer for the Oregon Music News, conducting interviews and writing articles since 2010. “Music Soothes the Soul” is based on Matthew’s popular weekly series, “Music on the Street” and the benefits of his experience with music. 

   An Army of Compassion

Can the joy of playing music help a middle-aged man find purpose in his life? Paul “Boogieman” Coleman wondered where he was headed since serving his country in the ’80s as a U.S. Army paratrooper. He felt it was time to do something more.

Paul’s family has a history of music and acting so heading to Hollywood seemed like a natural fit. He worked as a security contractor for celebrities and took acting classes at night. Having some success in film, it wasn’t till 2001 where a diagnosis as a Disabled Veteran with PTSD would forever change his course. Treatment of a previous back injury led to the discovery of a spinal cyst.

Now with limited mobility, Paul struggled to find where he’d fit. Searching for a way to express the feelings he could not speak, he rediscovered the love of music. “I used music to transform my chronic pain, thoughts, and insecurities into self-expression,” he said.  “Music gave me a way to get out what was stuck in my head.”

Paul says the desire to play music wasn’t motivated by money, and never has been. In his disabled veteran status, he realized a hidden opportunity to serve others.  Instead of carrying a gun, Paul traded it in for a guitar and now has a different mission.  In 2008, his first album “Homefront” debuted with proceeds going to the wives of deployed soldiers. “The way I saw it, I was getting a check from the VA so I was a soldier again but for a different army,” he says. “The Army of Compassion.”

Today Paul releases his new recordings on ReverbNation, an online service dedicated to helping new artists build their careers. Continuing to serve others before himself, he has agreed to donate 100% of song proceeds to the Fender Music Foundation. More than just a generous act, Paul has developed a fondness for Fender guitars. “I love Fender!,” he says. “The Fender Stratocaster is one of the only guitars I can play because of my back.”

We are very grateful to Paul for his commitment to help the Foundation “Give Music Life”. Using music to treat his medical condition and help others in their time of need is something we gladly salute.

“I see performing for charity as a way to continue to serve my nation and community,” he says. “Music helped me create a place where I fit, and I wanted to give and share music with others.”

 L.A. Samba Kids

            The L.A. Samba Kids is a nonprofit which seeks to empower at-risk youth through Brazilian Performing Arts. Sidney Lisboa, the program’s founder and director, teaches middle and high school students teamwork and confidence through drums and dance. The L.A. Samba Kids come from a community with one of the highest poverty levels, lowest education attainment, and highest crime rates, but their outreach has successfully inspired 600 students to love learning and practice healthy habits. Student Carrollee feels music is absolutely essential to her life, “Music is to my soul, what water is to the body,” and “Thanks the Fender Music Foundation for donating these awesome guitars!”

Alie Manders

Alie attends California Lutheran University (CLU) in Thousand Oaks, Calif. and majors in Business Marketing. As a student of business, she wanted to apply for an internship that would strengthen her resume and develop skills in her major. “As I was progressing in my college career, I realized I had no hard experience with Business Marketing outside of my retail jobs,” she says. Alie discovered the Foundation through the Career Services Office at CLU and believes she’s learning new aspects of business and enjoys contributing to a cause. She is responsible for keeping our Twitter account lively, writing short stories for the Foundation’s newsletter, and creating Prezi presentations for our sponsors.

Happy Halloween from the Foundation!

  • Our website is being redesigned to improve the look and feel as well as the functionality.
  • We are working on a concert event that will include artists such as Don Felder, Gary Sinise, Richie Sambora, Ray Parker Jr. and MORE with proceeds benefiting veterans and the Foundation.
  • We are exploring concepts with Austen Hendrix for a two day music festival in Reno as a fundraiser for the Foundation.
  • The Foundation is working with NAMM to get their support for the 2015 NAMM show and exploring a possible collaborative booth with other similar nonprofit organizations.