Choose to pay for your purchase later!

Would you like to buy something now, but can’t afford it at this moment? Bill Me Later has now partnered with PayPal and allows Fender Music Foundation supporters the option to purchase one of our memorabilia items now, but pay for it later!

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Add all the items you wish to purchase to your cart on our website.
Step 2: After you select all the items you wish to purchase, proceed to check out.
Step 3: Fill out all the information on our “One Page Checkout,” then press “Checkout.”

Step 4: Log into your PayPal account. If you do not have one, you may create an account.
Step 5: Once logged in, review your payment information. Rather than selecting “Pay Now,” select “Bill Me Later.” Then, press “Sign Up and Continue.”

Step 6: Here you will have the opportunity to apply to use the Bill Me Later services. First accept the terms and conditions, and then click on “Agree and Continue.” As soon as it processes (a few seconds depending on your internet connection), Bill Me Later will instantly tell you if you are approved to use this service.
Step 7: Review your information one last time, then press “Pay Now.” By pressing “Pay Now” Bill Me Later will process your purchase now, but you will not have to pay until later!

Please note that The Fender Music Foundation does not work directly with Bill Me Later. If you would like more general information on how Bill Me Later works, click here. Make note that they do charge an interest rate for their services. If you would like more general information on how Bill Me Later works with PayPal, click here.