Grant Instrument Information

The Fender Music Foundation is committed to providing nonprofits access to reclaimed instruments from manufacturers and retailers. These instruments are not in brand new condition. We have reclaimed them so that even though they can’t be sold in stores, nonprofit music programs can have access to them to grow their programs.

You have permission to select 8 instruments to be used by the program described in your application. You also have permission to select microphone kits, drumkit sets, and accessories packs as needed. In other words, you are welcome to select 8 guitars plus as many microphone kits, drumkit sets and accessories packs (when available) as you will be able to put to use within one year. or  By selecting any instruments, you confirm that you agree to the items set forth in the Agreement Form. (Page opens in a new tab.)

Online Grant Catalog

Once you are in our Online Grant Catalog, you will be able to view the foundation’s grant inventory, which lists the instruments available for donation. The following details are available for each instrument:

1.) Color: The basic color (i.e. red, blue, black) of the instrument.

2.) Instrument Info: Information regarding the make and model of each instrument will be provided whenever possible.

3.) Instrument Description: Details regarding significant damages and imperfections on the instrument, if applicable. The severity of the damages and imperfections are broken down into categories: A, B or C. (Details are below.)


Information That is Not Provided

The Foundation does not specify the exact color (i.e. cobalt blue) or specific wood types of grant instruments, and it does not indicate where the instruments were made. In addition, because some of these items are one-of-a-kind models, information regarding the model of instrument cannot be provided in all cases.

The types of instruments and equipment are not explained in the Online Grant Catalog. Instead, general descriptions are available here. (Page opens in a new tab.)


Damage and Imperfection Categories

Each item is given an item number when it is put into our system. The number is followed by a letter A, B or C. These numbers represent the damage and imperfection categories. We understand that some programs have the resources to make minor repairs and others do not. Please read the item descriptions carefully to ensure you are satisfied with the instruments.

Category A instruments are in gently used condition with all parts in working order. However, they may have the following flaws:

  • Cosmetic imperfections
  • Minor surface scratches, dents or dings

Category B instruments may be in working order or may need a minor part replacement or repair for full functionality of the instrument. They would have the following flaws:

  • Moderate surface scratches, dents or dings
  • Missing strings
  • Missing knobs (but the functions still work)
  • Broken or missing strap holder

Category C instruments may require a major part replacement or repair for full functionality of the instrument. They would have the following flaws:

  • Major surface scratches, dents or dings
  • Scratchy pods/faulty pickups
  • Faulty pickup selector
  • Loose or missing jack input
  • An electric part is not working on an electric or electric-acoustic instrument
  • Only one broken pickup, but it still has one or more working pickup(s)

Despite our best efforts, some instruments will have additional flaws than what is listed in the Online Grant Catalog. This is to be expected by grant recipients. If, however, you receive an instrument or piece of equipment that has a flaw that was unlisted and renders the equipment nonfunctional within one (1) month of receipt, please contact to report the issue.

Before Visiting the Online Catalog

Please keep in mind that we will be adding items to our Online Grant Catalog on an ongoing basis. Just becase we do not have the right instrument or equipment for your program today does not mean we will not have it in the future. Unfortunately, we do not have the details on what will be entered in the future; you are seeing the most recent listing of our inventory. We expect programs will request a few instruments at a time and then will check back periodically for more instruments that are right for them.

I have read and understand this and am ready to proceed to the Online Grant Catalog.